Shipping Agent

Aruz Shipping has been to the shipping business since last __ years. We are very much customer centric and ensure our customers are not only satisfied but are also delighted with our work. We have a dedicated team of shipping experts who just know right and most recent information relating to commercial duties, operational duties, freight management functions and everything relating to shipping.

We take full responsibility for every consignment. We take care of all the business transactions on port after discussing the same with client while also making sure all the requirements for the cargo are met. We handle all the operations that go with exporting or importing your goods. We make sure our approach is simple and yet effective. We devise plans that are specially tailored to suit your budget as well as requirements.

No matter which part of the world your shipment might be going, we have total solutions for all your shipping needs. Give us a call on __ and we will workout a customized plan to ensure your cargo reaches the designated destination on time, safe and sound. We are committed to providing our customers best deals for their money. Aruz Shipping experts are always available to ensure 24*7 support whenever and wherever needed!